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Uniform Buildings


Paris Underground Radio a Paris-based podcast network made for you, by you, the expats, dreamers, travelers, and lovers of France. With new podcasts six days a week, you'll find all you need to entertain, inform, stoke your dreams and navigate day-to-day living in the City of Light.


With Culture & Events Sundays, Real Estate Mondays, Creativity Tuesdays, Book Lovers Wednesdays, Paris Je T'Aime Thursdays and Music Fridays, and live events, Paris Underground Radio is your go-to community.


Whether you've been here for 4 days or 40 years or Paris is just for dreaming, you're sure to find something to stimulate your imagination, satisfy your curiosity, or just make you laugh on the Paris Underground Radio podcast network.


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Culture & Events


How much do you know about France and the French? Discover hidden locations, navigate the French language, demystify societal norms, and never miss out on what's happening

right now.

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