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Thinking of advertising your product or service with Paris Underground Radio, or sponsoring your favorite podcast? Want to start your own podcast, but don't know where to begin, or join our network as a host? You'll find an extensive list of our Services below.

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With strong audiences in the United States and France, and listeners across the globe, advertising on Paris Underground Radio is an excellent way to reach local, national, and international markets.


Why advertise on a podcast?

  • According to the Super Listeners 2021 report, podcast ads are the most recalled type of ad (including via social media or websites,) with 86% of respondents saying they remembered seeing or hearing an ad

  • Podcast ads rank high in terms of responsiveness, with 76% of listeners saying they’ve taken action after hearing a podcast ad

  • Listeners tend to value the ads they hear on podcasts, and 64% of podcast listeners say that they appreciate advertisers that support their favorite shows


Tailor your advertising strategy


  • Advertise across multiple podcasts, or target one specific podcast, depending on your goal and your audience's interests 

  • Advertisements can be pre-recorded by you or read by the hosts

  • Supply us with the pre-recorded advertisement or employ our script-writing and recording services

  • Use our social media following, our website, and our hosts' extensive social media followings for an even more dynamic and personalized touch

  • Banners, boxes and other placements are available on the Paris Underground Radio website and social media platform

  • Video packages available

Interested in advertising with Paris Underground Radio? Email us for rates and for more information.


We offer:



Recordings by hosts


Video services

Voiceover services

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All sponsored podcast episodes will feature ads read live on-air by the host and be seamlessly integrated into the podcast multiple times throughout the episode (depending on episode length.)

Why choose sponsorship?


  • Pre-recorded host-read ads have 71% brand recall, and ads that are read live on-air have an 86% brand recall.

  • Pre-roll advertisements are exclusively available on sponsored podcasts. Pre-rolls are proven to be 47% more effective than mid-rolls.

  • Create a personalized link between you, your product, our host, and our audience

  • On-air testimonial ads are available when the host has used your product

  • All of the perks of advertising are also available for sponsorship, including script-writing, social media packages, website banners, video packages, and more

Interested in sponsoring a podcast on Paris Underground Radio? Email us for rates and for more information.


Advertising Slots



Want to start a podcast, but have no idea what to do? Let us take you from conception all the way to air.

Production services

  • Get expert advice on podcast conception, creation, equipment, recording, length, hosting, marketing, distibution and more

  • Whether your podcast is a monologue, an interview, an audio fiction, a rountable, some combinatiion thereof or anything in between, have your podcast edited to a professional standard

  • Have your sound professionally designed and mixed with music, voice actors, and/or sound effects

  • Refine the sound quality with noise reduction, equalization, reduction of plosives, removals of "ums" and "uhs," and more

  • Social media packages are available

  • Video services are available

Want your podcast professionally produced? Email us for rates and for more information.

Become a Paris Underground Radio Host

Have a podcast idea that you'd love to see come to life? Are you or your podcast connected in some way to France? Do your values match our values of inclusion, non-judgement, generosity and kindness?

We are always looking for new, innovative, exciting and compelling podcasts to join our network. If you'd like to become a part of our podcast team and have an idea you think we should hear, pitch it to us!

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