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LITTLE AFRICA is a company dedicated to promoting African cultures in Paris and beyond through publishing, art, stories and tourism. We help individuals, associations/foundations and businesses to connect and have a better understanding of African culture in Paris and elsewhere. We are dedicated to promoting and expanding the scope of African excellence in Paris and around the world. Through our various media platforms and publications, we maintain an interactive directory of networks connecting and showcasing the best of African art, music, designers, restaurants, galleries, tours and more in Paris. One of our most successful efforts is our City Guide, a self-published compilation of over 200 Afro-Parisian shops, restaurants, businesses and artists in Paris. Our work has been featured in Vogue Paris, OkayAfrica, KPIX 5 TV, France24 TV, Le Monde France, & Vogue Spain.


Little Africa is the host of Paris Underground Radio's Life in Diasporas podcasts.

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