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What matters most to you? You, who see past the tourist hype and seek deeper insights into the City of Light. Paris Underground Radio is an online community where you can learn, explore, and chat about the things you care about most.


Paris Underground Radio's weekly podcasts will stimulate your imagination, highlight interesting and off-beat things to do, and showcase who's who and what's what in Paris. Once-in-a-while or special occasion podcasts will spice up the mix. If you have an idea for a podcast or one-off episode that you think will benefit and interest the community, please do get in touch.

For Bonus Episodes, Video Guides of current events, behind-the-scenes interviews with your favorite hosts, and more, join us on Patreon!

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Explore. Relate. Play.

Curious to know the French became who they are? Craving a fun, new experience? In Culture & Events, learn how words can unlock an insight into the French, how experiences shape our identity, uncover secrets hidden in plain sight, and discover the best of what's happening in Paris right now.

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Prepare. Determine. Conquer.

Baffled by French laws, rules, and regulations? Looking to buy, rent or sell? Not sure where to start? Get your most pressing real estate questions answered by local experts.


Inspire. Pursue. Connect. 

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Are you searching for creative inspiration? Where can you turn when you feel tapped out? What does it take to take a leap of faith and pursue your innermost dreams? Reignite that spark through personal exploration and eye-opening conversations in Creativity Tuesdays.

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Laugh. Create. Imagine.

Pining for creative or romantic inspiration? Need a good laugh? In Entertainment, you'll have your imagination sparked. Go on an audio adventure, cozy up with contemporary authors with a French connection while they read to you, or laugh along to a guest's ridiculous story. 


Join expert wine teacher Caroline Conner, otherwise known as Wine Dine Caroline, as she laughs along with her friends for Happy Hour. This isn't your average wine podcast. It's a celebration of fun, friendship, and joy! 


In each episode, Caroline will chat with a friend, they'll share a stupid, funny, or all-out ridiculous story, and Caroline will pair a wine with it. Cheers to Happy Hour!


Discover. Romance. Reveal.

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Fascinated by the people and places that have shaped the City of Light? Curious to know more about the place you call home? Have a drink with a famous Parisienne from history, or discover the most romantic places in Paris on Paris Je T'Aime Thursday.

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Dance. Sing. Revel.

Where can you find the best live music in Paris? Who are the most compelling contemporary French musicians? Where do touring musicians love to go? Get the answers to all these questions and more on Music Fridays


Cook. Imbibe. Devour.

Hungry? Thirsty? Need an excuse to break out your best china and finest of wines? Head to Food & Wine for recipe inspiration and perfect pairings, to learn more about the food and wine culture in France, and to recreate your favorite dishes from back home with local ingredients.

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