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If you've ever asked a simple question in an expat group ("Where can I find English muffins?") only to have hundreds of people attack your question without ever giving you an answer ("Paris has the best baguettes in the world! Shame on you for wanting something else!"), if you've ever said you were excité when what you meant was excited, if you're both in your culture and slightly out of sync with it, or you've been scoffed at for being too loud, too different, too other, then Paris Underground Radio is the place for you. 

Paris Underground Radio is a community of individuals who identify with the expat experience. You're not looking for a home away from home, but a place where you can feel free to be who you truly are. 

The pillars of the Paris Underground Radio community are acceptance, inclusivity, non-judgement, and, above all else, kindness. We are all in it together. We respect you and we respect your privacy.

Our podcasts are our cornerstone. They are created for expats by expats about the things that matter most to expats. While many of our podcasts are weekly, some will be created just for special occasions. Do you have an idea for a podcast or a special episode? Would you like to contribute to a current podcast by sending in a question, recipe, or suggestion? Then please get in touch! You are welcome here.

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