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Author, entrepreneur and women’s advocate, Kathryn (Kate) Kemp-Griffin has been living in Paris and working in the lingerie industry since 1990. She started her own lingerie company, Soyelle, which specialized in accessories and beauty products, before founding Paris Lingerie Tours — the ultimate luxury rendezvous for helping women fulfill their lingerie dreams.


Published in 2016, her book Paris Undressed: The Secrets of French Lingerie goes behind the seams, combining cultural references, expertise, and practical advice to inspire every woman to reconsider her underwear drawer. In response to requests to expand the conversation, Kate created the Lingerie Makeover and a series of French Lingerie & Wellness Retreats for women to explore the language of lingerie and to find harmony through their mind and through their body — both dressed and undressed.


After a routine mammogram detected early-stage breast cancer in 2009, Kate founded Pink Bra Bazaar, a charitable organization dedicated to breast health education and supporting women with breast cancer. Its highly visible awareness programs use thepower of the bra as a symbol for breast health and a catalyst for  change.


Born in Canada, she lives in a restored millhouse outside of Paris with her husband, five children, and assorted pets.

Instagram @parisundressed

Instagram @pinkbrabazaar

Kate is the host of Paris Underground Radio's Paris Undressed podcast.

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