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Chez Toi Paris Podcasts



Maybe the best thing to come out of lockdown is the surge in creativity of our home-cooked meals. The Chez Toi podcast wants to take these meals one step further and pair your new creations with the perfect wine and most complementary cheese. Hear from the home cooks themselves as they describe the dish and its inspiration.


Then, wine expert Caroline Conner and cheese expert Emily Monaco will work their magic to show you how a simple recipe can be transformed from an every day at-home experience into a gourmet meal chez toi. 

If you have a recipe you would like to contribute, please email We would love to hear from you!

Find the full series below!

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Caroline Conner

Emily Monaco is an American food and beverage writer based in Paris for over a decade. From dipping Maroilles in coffee to seeking out some of the last producers of black "Brie noir" to discovering the volcanic cellars where Saint-Nectaire is aged, she's passionate about telling stories about French cheese and the people who make it. Her work has previously been published by the BBC, EatingWell, Atlas Obscura, Vice, and more. Find her on Instagram @Emily_in_France. Emily also hosts PUR's Navigating the French.



Caroline Conner is a British American wine expert who got her start doing competitive blind tasting during her undergrad at the University of Oxford. After that she earned a culinary diploma from Le Cordon Bleu and her Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma. She's worked in food & wine for over a decade across London, Paris, and San Francisco. She settled in Lyon and founded Lyon Wine Tastings in 2018, before pivoting online in 2020 as Wine Dine Caroline. Caroline also hosts PUR's Wine Dine Caroline's Happy Hour.

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