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The displacement, voluntary or involuntary, of Black people throughout history is what we call today the African Black diaspora. The purpose of the Life in Diasporas podcast is to figure out what it means to be black in your country. Through enlightened and well-thought discussions, we will decipher, analyze and understand what it means to be black in a European country in the 21st century.

This podcast is inscribed in a broader context; while English literature documenting the histories of other Black communities in Europe has steadily increased over the years, the availability of

this kind of content in France remains limited. Life in Diasporas aims to explore the ebb and flow of diasporic migratory patterns throughout Europe, from Rotterdam’s Little Cape Verde to Brussels' Congolese quarter. Join us as we embark on this adventure of tracing Afropean roots across Europe, looking at the different ways black communities have formed the spaces they have made home and the new identities they have crafted in the process.


LITTLE AFRICA is a company dedicated to promoting African cultures in Paris and beyond through publishing, art, stories and tourism. We help individuals, associations / foundations and businesses to connect and have a better understanding of African culture in Paris and elsewhere. We are dedicated to promoting and expanding the scope of African excellence in Paris and around the world. Through our various media platforms and publications, we maintain an interactive directory of networks connecting and showcasing the best of African art, music, designers, restaurants, galleries, tours and more in Paris. One of our most successful efforts is our City Guide, a self-published compilation of over 200 Afro-Parisian shops, restaurants, businesses and artists in Paris. Our work has been featured in Vogue Paris, OkayAfrica, KPIX 5 TV, France24 TV, Le Monde France, & Vogue Spain.


Zaiya Karas is an international relations student based in Washington DC doing a study abroad at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. Although her mother is Liberian and her father is American, she grew up moving around and going to school all over sub-Saharan Africa. She am a global nomad currently based in Paris, France! For the next 5 months, she will be interning at Little Africa, and cannot wait to kick start our podcast!

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