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The Transplant Kitchen Paris Podcast



French cuisine is magnifique. It has a well-deserved reputation around the world. But when you're a transplant from another country living in France, sometimes you want to trade in that croissant for a cinnamon roll. Or a tartine for a taco.


Join us at The Transplant Kitchen as we share recipes, stories, and tips on how to make the capital of gastronomy feel a little more like home.

Listen now to Season 1!

Alannah McPherson Tavallai (Instagram: @hannala) and Omid Tavallai (@tavallai) are the Californian mom n' pop chefs behind Emperor Norton (@nortonofparis), who provide fun un-French food for bars, cafés, pop-ups, and events around Paris. But it wasn't always that way. They had to smuggle ingredients, swear at substitutions, and tweak recipes maniacally to eat foods once taken for granted. And now they're sharing that knowledge with you.

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