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Babes in the Woods Paris Podcast


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When former college roommates Joanne and Britt join up for a hike in the Colorado Rockies on Joanne's 25th birthday, they're prepared for a light, fun, 4-hour walk culminating in delicious birthday barbecue. But when they decide to follow a mysterious arrow in the woods, things take a turn for the bizarre.

With not much more than lipstick, dental floss and their own senses of humor to get them through, will they survive against Mother Nature, unexplained occurrences, and an abandoned town that may not be abandoned after all? 

Find the full series below!

Actress, writer and director Jennifer Fox Geraghty got her start playing an evil stepsister in a musical version of Cinderella at age 8. She graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a degree in Drama, and has won various awards for her TV pilots, screenplays and short films, including New Producer to Watch at MIPTV in Cannes, and Best First Time Filmmaker at the Boden International Film Festival in Boden, Sweden in 2021.


Jennifer also hosts PUR's Storytime in Paris, City of Muses, and Don't Miss This.

Barbara M Betus

Barbara M Betus is an award-winning artist and photographer with works exhibited in New York, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, and Paris. Her debut novel "The Code of the West" will be published in 2022. Ms. Betus makes her home in St. Augustine, Florida and Silverton, Colorado. She loves wandering the woods with her faithful companion Stella, a slow-moving but well-meaning dog.

Sion Dayson

Sion Dayson is an American voiceover artist and author based in Valencia, Spain. She voices everything from commercials to cartoons, eLearning to corporate narration. Clients include ACUE (Association of College and University Educators), Blinkist, CHG Healthcare, Iberian Media, JP Morgan, LG, MTN Advertising, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Pearson, and more. Her first novel, As a River, won the Crook’s Corner Book Prize for best debut novel set in the American South. 


Sion lived in Paris for a decade and acquired French nationality. She is excited to continue her connection to the City of Light on PUR.


Find out more about her work at She is on all socials as @siondayson.

Written by

Barbara M. Betus & Jennifer Fox Geraghty

Voices by

Sion Dayson as Joanne

Jennifer Fox Geraghty as Britt

Barbara M. Betus as Vicky

 Darren Ley as Preacher

Original Artwork by

Barbara M Betus

All sounds recorded on location in Silverton, Colorado and the San Juan Mountains

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