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Estimated value: 225€


The "Treat Yourself" prize is perfect for you if you're craving clarity, relaxation and inner harmony. Find some help along your spiritual journey, and indulge in rest and relaxation.



Here's what you'll win:

 - A 30-minute Tarot and Intuitive session with Annette Dalloo, host of The Heart of You

 - A 30-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Kathryn Kemp-Griffin, author, certified meditation coach, and host of Paris Undressed

 - A 60-minute massage or facial from Free Persephone, available in Paris only 

 - Cleansed and purified clear quartz cluster, hand-picked from the Colorado Rockies, available in Paris only

To participate in the Auction, which will culminate during the Launch Party Livestream, and to bid on this fabulous prize package, please register now! 

Annette Dalloo
Kathryn Kemp-Griffin.jpg
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