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As a little girl growing up in Gravesend, Brooklyn, Zeva Bellel dreamed of one day becoming French. And two weeks after her 25th birthday, she booked a one-way flight to Paris. That was twenty-two years ago.


Once in Paris, she launched her journalism career as a lifestyle reporter and copy writer before starting her own blog, Paris By Appointment Only. The blog caught the attention of the online reviews site Yelp, who recruited her to launch Yelp in France, Italy and Belgium. For six years, she oversaw Yelp’s Francophone community and marketing program, but when the company shuttered their international division she had to plot her next career move.


What makes us unique and how do we bring value to the world? The question, which had obsessed her for years, lead her to coaching. After completing her coaching certification, Zeva launched her coaching business in 2017 and has devoted her practice to helping women find their true purpose professionally.


Zeva has coached hundreds of women in France and around the world and writes about her discoveries, tools, inspiration and anecdotes regularly in her newsletter and blog. She’s currently getting a neuroscience certification at the The Neuroscience School to sharpen her skills and understading in neuroplasticity. Zeva lives along the Canal Saint Martin with her husband Fabrice and their two boys, Zachary and Spencer. 

Zeva is the host of Paris Underground Radio's House of Circles.

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