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Week of September 19- September 25

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NtF Bonjour 1.png

Navigating "Bonjour" with Julie Barlow

Bonjour doesn't just mean "hello" in French. It's an important conversation starter whose absence can lead to poor customer service or even true offense. To find out why, Emily is chatting with Julie Barlow, Canadian journalist and co-author of "The Bonjour Effect."


PC 1 - The Medici Column 1.png

1st Arr. - The Medici Column

In our première episode, you’ll discover the fascinating story behind the first column ever built in Paris. One virtually nobody knows about. A column built by a queen and shrouded in mystery, magic and the occult.


PEOM - Ep 1 Finding an apartment 2.png

Finding an Apartment in Paris

Gail and Marie talk about how they came to live in Paris. Gail asks Marie questions on how to go about finding a place to live, and what questions to ask, whether you are already in Paris or not. They also discuss the pros and cons of finding an apartment on your own or going through an agency, when it’s safe to pay in advance for an apartment sight-unseen, scams they have encountered, and the dangers of signing a lease in English. Make sure you do your ‘homework’ – “If it seems to be too good to be true, it is!” And always remember, “we LOVE paperwork in France!”


PU - Ep 1 - Jami Bernard 2.png

With Jami Bernard on Writing, Lingerie, & Friendship

In our première episode, you’ll discover the fascinating story behind the first column ever built in Paris. One virtually nobody knows about. A column built by a queen and shrouded in mystery, magic and the occult.


BitW - Ep 1 - The Hike 1.png

The Hike

Today's the day! It's Joanne's birthday and she and her former college roommate Britt have decided to take a short hike in the woods to celebrate. Sure, they meet an unusual character along the way who comes with a warning, but when an arrow painted on a rock points off the path, who are they not to follow?


RiP Ep 1 - Palais Royal 1.png

1st Arr. - Palais Royal

In our very first episode, Romance expert Lily Heise leads us on a visit through the gorgeous Palais Royal, home to fascinating history, a gorgeous hidden garden and other romantic appeal. We'll encounter secret lovers, libertine masked balls, and maybe even gain a little insight into Napoleon's own love life.


SiP Ep 1  Lily Heise 1.png

April Lily Heise, "There's Only One Paris: Tales From Our Times"

n our very first Storytime in Paris episode, Jennifer talks with April Lily Heise. Lily is a travel writer, creator of the award-winning blog “Je T’Aime, Me Neither,” and author of “There’s Only One Paris: Tales From Our Times. We discuss what it’s like to write a book during a pandemic, how farmlife sparks imagination, and Lily’s evolution from writing stories about aliens to creative non-fiction to her newest participatory fiction novel. Then, Lily treats us to a reading from her book.


THoY Ep 1 - Spirituality 1.png

Spirituality: “How can it help me create my best life?”

Are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill? If you have ever seen the Matrix, you know what Morpheus’s poignant question means. Welcome to the very beginning of your new way of life. In this premiere episode, we start laying the foundation for your spiritual journey. Annette shares some personal stories about her own spiritual journey, and you’ll learn how her gifts and experience will guide you through the next 20 episodes of “The Heart of You.”


Chez Toi - EP 1 - One Pot Pasta 1.png

One Pot Pasta with Swetha Manoharan

Swetha Manoharan's one-pot pasta is the perfect dish to make for a crowd, with a tomatoey sauce filled with veggies and a hint of Indian spice. Emily Monaco pairs it with a creamy, buttery cheese from the Champagne region, while Caroline Conner chooses a young, easy-drinking red with lots of booze that's about to become your new dinner party go-to. Want to know which and why? Give us a listen!


TP Ep 1 - Cake Doughnuts 3.png

Cake Doughnuts: An Origin Story

In the first episode of The Transplant Kitchen, Alannah and Omid explain how the humble doughnut led them to become Emperor Norton – purveyor of American-inspired food to Parisian cafés and bars. They'll give a little background on doughnuts, explain why cake doughnuts are so awesome in particular, and share their very own recipe for you to make when that midnight craving strikes. Or whenever. Warning: There may be some nerdy scientific content in this episode.


WDCHH Ep 1 - Dana Bronfman 1.png

Sister, Sister with Dana Bronfman

In her first episode, Caroline Conner talks to jewelry designer Dana Bronfman about going waaaay back, skunks, and drinking a handle of whisky in the back of a car


On the very first episode of "Don't Miss This," we are giving away two free tickets to this week's Lost in Frenchlation screening of "OSS 117: From Russia With Love!"  Tune in to find out how.... 


You'll also discover street art, an outdoor escape game, how to defend the environment, heritage for us all, and more. All happening this week, September 19 - 25, 2021.

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