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Estimated value: 410€

The "Moving to Paris" prize is perfect for you if you've always dreamed of moving to Paris. It's also a wonderful choice for anyone planning a vacation to the City of Light.



Here's what you'll win:

 - A 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation via Zoom about moving to France and/or buying a home in France with Marie Pistiner, the real estate expert behind Lokim, Paris Be a Part of It, and co-host of Paris Estate of Mind

 - 20% discount off of a PerfectlyParis apartment rental (with a minimum 1-week stay) from Gail Bosclair, the real estate expert behind PerfectlyParis and co-host of Paris Estate of Mind
          *Minimum one-week stay, pending availability. Offer good for one year, from September 30, 2021 through Septmeber 30, 2022.


 - A copy of “There’s Only One Paris: Tales from our Times” by author Lily Heise, host of Paris Cachée and Romancing in Paris

 - A recorded Intro to the History of Paris video from author Lily Heise, host of Paris Cachée and Romancing in Paris

Estimated Value: 410€

To participate in the Auction, which will culminate during the Launch Party Livestream, and to bid on this fabulous prize package, please register now! 

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